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2012-05-10 10:32 pm

Patience, a Steady Hand Viking Arthur art

There are only so many stories that I have a physical/emotional need to read and Patience, a Steady Hand by Helenish is up there on that tiny list. I don't even know how many times I've read that story. After I read it, I spend days thinking about. I play the whole thing out in my head over and over again. I pretend that I'm a viking. I try to draw vikings. It's a very viking life for the next few days.

I read it again the other night and through lots of bitching and moaning, I finally succeeded in drawing Viking!Arthur! Yay! It's only taken me a year to figure out what he looks like and put it on paper. I know he's really a er... nice guy for the majority of the fic, but the imagery of a bloody, crazy warrior Arthur is definitely my favorite image. 

I have more sketches that I want to make pretty, but I was proud of these first few so I wanted to post them up.

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2012-05-10 08:52 pm

Lala lalala la laaaa

So I'm trying this out, I haven't been on livejournal since December and I wanted to try something new. Huzzah!